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Personalised Nutritional Assessment (PNA)

Your individualised route to optimum wellness featuring Gut Biome testing

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Your individualised route to optimum wellness

The PNA gives access to one of the new, exciting, and innovative trends in health and wellbeing, Nutrigenetics, or Lifestyle Medicine. Increasingly, important priorities today are optimum health, a robust immune system, and long-term strategies to ameliorate degenerative disease, especially the modern epidemics of obesity, cardiovascular disease, pandemic viruses, and cancer.

The Importance of the Gut

The gut is responsible for a functioning immune system, protecting the body against infection, breaking down toxins, and ensuring that your brain is supplied with the vital fats it requires to maintain optimal mental capacity. Epigenetics, or gene activity and expression, environment, lifestyle, and the quality of your diet all impact the gut. A poor gut function may lead to allergies, food intolerances and digestive dysfunction.

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We offer a No cost, No obligation Discovery Call

Your Personalised Nutritional Assessment includes a Blood Type test, a 30-minute Test Result Evaluation Session, a one-hour Personalised Nutritional Consultation, a comprehensive Nutritional Health Report and your Personal Therapeutic Food Planner. London Clinic or Online.

Cost £395 (excluding Tests and Nutritional Supplements)

We require the results of a Gut Biome test before your Evaluation Session. Either a test we recommend or one you have done recently.  

We also offer optional Food Antibody Assessment and Nutritional Profile tests. This will all be agreed upon in your Discovery Call.

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We also have a shorter Optimal Nutrition Consultation available. It does not feature any tests.

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Thorough Investigative Testing

We require the results of a Gut Biome test before your Evaluation Session. We recommend one with samples taken at 3 different times rather than just a single snapshot. An optional test may be the IgG/IgE Food Antibody assessment measuring antibodies to 87 commonly consumed foods and 19 of the most allergenic foods. Also, The Nutritional Profiler using OligoScan assessment which provides an analysis of your mineral, toxin, and heavy metal status.

Personal Therapeutic Food Planner

We have taken the hard work away by providing this practical e-book tailored to your dietary type and featuring foods to enjoy, eat in moderation and avoid as well as key ingredients and a selection of therapeutic recipes to meet your personal health needs.