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Optimal Health Assessment

Your gateway to a naturally healthy lifestyle for life

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Access the Unique Health Optimising Concept

Your gateway to a naturally healthy lifestyle via the unique Health Optimising concept, which uses advanced state-of-the-art medical systems to give a distinctive insight into the everyday health imbalances and stresses on your body.

Stimulating self-resolution

The focus is always on root causes and stimulating the body to resolve them using Lifestyle Medicine. This considers genetic and epigenetic drivers when recommending life-changing habits to promote health optimisation, rather than the conventional medical approach of symptom management and suppression.

Booking Enquiries

A two-hour consultation at our London Clinic or Winchester Clinic and an Optimal Treatment Pathway recommendation.

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Cost £500. Payable on booking

We also have a shorter Essential Health Assessment available. It does not use the Health Optimising medical technology.

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In-depth and Real Time Picture

The OHA is a comprehensive diagnostic testing and consultation procedure which measures thousands of parameters to see an in-depth and real time picture of your body and evaluate your health. OHA’s are managed by a fully trained and experienced Senior Clinician.


The key principle behind Health Optimising is self-regulation at a cellular level. This intrinsic system is what determines your body’s ability to deal with illness and infection from day to day. Combined with nutritional and lifestyle adjustments, the activation of your self-healing ability can trigger the body’s capacity to resolve issues, restore a balanced health status, and enhance energy and potential.