Our vision

Thomas is a dynamic visionary, internationally recognised in the field of health technologies, self-regulatory mechanisms and health optimisation.

He was born in 1976 into a Norwegian family of renowned scientists in the fields of physics, chemistry, medicine and technology. His mission initially started to find solutions for his own severe health problems, which were not resolved by the conventional medical model.

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“To make health miracles an everyday thing”

Thomas Aksnes, Founder of Health Optimizing

In close co-operation with institutes and research groups in many countries, Thomas built his first research clinic in 2003 and started testing prototypes and concepts. In the following decade he contributed to starting more than 200 Health Optimising clinics worldwide.

He remains driven by the goal he set almost two decades ago; to shift the worldwide medical paradigm to one where intrinsic self-regulating mechanisms are supported to perfection, thus eliminating the need for invasive intervention.

Health Optimising meaning

Health – a cornerstone of life, the basis of wellbeing.

Optimising – making the best of, aiding a natural system to function as intended.

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Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå
Norwegian professional mountain biker - Olympic
Gold, World and European Championship winner.
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Our Mission

We use some of the most advanced technologies in the world and a new all-encompassing methodology, aligned with nature’s wisdom, to optimise health and help you to live at your full potential.

We help you to actively create your best of health through transformative and caring coaching. Underpinned by exclusive access to gold standard expertise helping to maintain equilibrium in mind, body and spirit. 

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What makes Health Optimising unique?

1. State-of-the-art technologies measure thousands of parameters; to see the fullest picture and evaluate homeostasis

2. Additional technologies stimulate intrinsic self-regulatory and self-healing mechanisms so that problems don’t reappear.

Although a few of our individual technologies may be found in other clinics, our specially trained doctors and therapists mostly use state-of-the-art technologies which are unique in the UK..

Only Health Optimising Clinics have the full combination of technologies and the methodology to combine them to achieve outstanding results, ensuring an exceptional health service.

"Cure sometimes, treat often and comfort always."

State-of-the-art real time assessments

Using breakthrough technology to show you what is going on in your body in depth and in real time, we are able to see a fuller and even more accurate picture of your health and health challenges.

Amazing hi-tech treatments

Which engage the self-healing ability of your body to restore a balanced health status.

This includes modulating inflammation, reducing pain, rehabilitation, oxygenating and enhancing optimal nutrition to cells and activating detoxification pathways. In addition the treatments can support the restoration of the gut microbiome by clearing chronic viruses and microorganisms.

Quick resolution

Our self-regulatory treatments enable your body to meet most health challenges quickly and effectively. For example, we have a treatment that can stimulate self-healing of broken or fractured bones, torn ligaments and sore muscles 3 times faster than normal.

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