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What We Do

Our mission is to optimise patient outcomes through combining Innovative Technology, Natural Medicine, Leading Expertise and Patient Empowerment

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Our Principles

Natural Medicine. Uncovering root cause and using the emotional, physical, biochemical and spiritual health pillars to stimulate self-regulation.
Innovative Technology. Researched and tested Health Optimising medical technologies which are some of the most advanced in the world. Leading Expertise. A thirst for knowledge, great passion & extensive integrative medicine training.
Patient Empowerment. Taking individual responsibility for your own health through education and advice.

Cellular Communication

Quantum Medicine is how we communicate with the body at the cell level using electromagnetic frequencies and it gives the best insight into how Health Optimising actually works. It is based on self-regulation at a cellular level and health balance is achieved through state-of-the art equipment, constant innovation, in-depth training, evidence-based monitoring, comprehensive education and deep care and support for our patients. For more information about Quantum Medicine click here.

Booking Enquiries

Our Optimal Health Assessment is your gateway to a naturally healthy lifestyle via the unique Health Optimising concept which uses Quantum Medicine

A two-hour consultation and a diagnostic report. London Clinic or WinchesterClinic. Cost £500

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Lifestyle medicine

The future of health and wellbeing. Modern disease is dominated by negative lifestyle triggers like emotional trauma and stress, and the suppression of symptoms through pharmacology. Furthermore, an unsupportive diet, damaged gut and brain biome and environmental pollutants all impact adversely. When stress levels increase, you become more susceptible to a reduced immune capacity, compromising your health.


The modifying factor is inflammation. The body uses inflammation to heal but when it does not have the cellular capacity, it is unable to normalise and restore optimal health, so the road to dysfunction begins. If inflammatory pathogens are not cleared this can cause further systemic inflammation and cellular dysfunction, resulting in ill health and immune deficiency. Imbalance cannot be fixed unless the underlying causes are uncovered and resolved.