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Health Optimising >

Stimulate the body’s own self-regulatory mechanisms: using exclusive breakthrough technologies, aligned with nature’s wisdom.

Starting with the Optimal Health Assessment (OHA) A unique state-of-the-art analysis which is quite simply one of the most comprehensive health assessments available.

Bodywork >

Our bodywork therapies help to re-balance, re-align and re-energise the body and restore the fundamental structures (or essences).

Body balance is integral to optimal health.

January 13th - 20th

We are Supporting
Obesity Awareness Week

Obesity is a major UK public health problem with 1 in 4 adults considered obese and current trends suggest this could exceed 50 per cent by 2050. Catia Soares, our new Psychologist and Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, specialises in harmonising behaviours around eating, supporting people to achieve a more mindful way of eating. She combines her two passions in one to offer Nutritional Psychology - integrated mind, nutritional and lifestyle support.

Nutritional Psychology
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Natural Beauty >

Enjoy a healthy, rosy, glowing complexion after Facial Lymphatic Drainage which promotes the flow of nutrients & oxygen.

Or get the glow from a unique HydraFacial which was created to provide the best skin of your life. HydraFacial uses advanced, patented vortex technology for amazing results.

Nutrition >

A therapeutic approach to food as medicine is offered by our Nutrition Team who apply the science of nutrition to develop specifically tailored nutritional medicine plans.

Additionally we offer Nutritional Psychology which is focused on how food affects the structure and the function of our brains and ultimately our mood, emotions and behaviours.

The Nutritional Chef, Jessica, also offers workshops and sessions featuring in depth food education and meal planning to support health goals and dietary needs.

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Mind >

Our nurturing therapies recognise the importance and power of the mind in optimal health.

Optimum Psychology supports you in reconnecting with your inner emotions and feelings to achieve positive emotional and mental wellbeing in a safe, caring, transformative and collaborative way.

Empowerment Therapy supports you, both emotionally and practically, to navigate your Health Optimising Treatment Plan, make lifestyle changes and overcome any obstacles.

We also offer Holistic Psychiatry assessments, which consider the whole-body contribution to mental states.

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